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We believe the project has a good chance to succeed, especially considering that it is based in South Korea, the country that is very savvy with the use of cryptocurrencies.

Available Tokens for sale 0 % Overall, we are neutral about the flipping potential of the ICO but like its long-term potential. Retailers use it to create branded tokens or sensible contracts. The first is providing crypto currency POS transaction capability across all of their devices. So far, their enabled iPad devices are located in more than 10,000 stores across Korea. Please keep posts related to ICOs and Token sales of cryptocurrency or other blockchain assets.

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Carry Protocol is a sister business to Spoqa, a Korean retail POS company and distributor.

Consumers can use it as currency to pay merchants within the Carry ecosystem. The project is run by successful entrepreneurs and the use of CRE tokens makes sense for the business. Merchants use it to create branded tokens or smart contracts. All in all, while the project sounds cool, I think it’s growth is quite limited and there is no necessary blockchain use case for their idea. User Experience Lab, 5+ years of UX design, user research, problem-solving, data analysis and information architect experience.

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Young Kang Product designer Product designer of Spoqa, shipped OFL typeface Spoqa Han Sans, 5+ years experience in digital interface, web typography design, growth hacking, and front-end development.

Richard Choi co-CEO Johns Hopkins Engineering, Cornell Masters, SK Chemical, original founder of Spoqa with 7+ years of relevant experience. By next year, Carry will be integrated into their app for every business. Second, while I love the idea of branded tokens, it’s not a widely used method of client retention.. yet. These are my humble opinions about the project and I request you to do your own due…. These reviews give no information on the long term potential of the named projects.

Buy Carry Protocol ICO Whitelist

The structure of Carry Protocol can be broken up into three different modules.

First, the team has not made it clear if Carry Protocol can be easily adapted to be used by other POS systems. Hong Minhee Developer Developer of Spoqa, keynote speaker of PyCon.KR 2017, created interface description language and compiler for high-level backend developers, internationalization libraries, and APIs. Consumers receive CRE from 3rd party advertisers, as payment for accessing the consumers’ transaction data blockchains. The second involves issuing CRE or branded tokens to users as a cash back or loyalty retention method. Yujeong Nam UX Designer Product owner of Spoqa, Seoul National Univ.

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Grant Sohn co-CEO Stanford Economics, McKinsey & Co, Rocket Internet, Spoqa cofounder, 10+ years of relevant experience.

More so, Spoqa is Korean/Asia based and does not have any footprint in Europe. Below the Carry Protocol, your transaction information turns into a commodity you management. What can be done on the retail side though is to digitize value previously kept in the form of paper coupons or other discounting methods. 🍀Carry Protocol Carrier Campaign🍀 Up to 3,000,000 CRE to be awarded! Minjune Kim Developer Full-stack Developer of Spoqa, Seoul National Univ.

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If ultimately instituted, retailers would disintermediate payment processors and gateways, lowering costs and speeding up escrow and settlement.

Transactions are run on the private chain, reserving the NEO blockchain for ICO contracts and operational tasks. Now, using the Spoqa system businesses would shift to issuing tokens. Bridge offers digitalization and automation of legal agreements for easy deployment and seamless integration into blockchain operations. At its heart is an incentive mechanism that drives consumers to Carry merchant stores.