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They have a strong team with lots of experience and they can help push people towards their vision of the future.

DAV wants to benefit the world of autonomous vehicles. The overall token allocation is presented as follows: The token price for early contributors will be $0.10 + up to 25% bonus with a high minimum investment of 10 ETH. DAV wants to create a massive open-source hub network for self-driving vehicles to discover, communicate and transact with one another.

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  • Pre-sale and public sale: 40%
  • Sold in pre-sale: 14,000,000 USD
  • Bounties and partnerships: 25%
  • Long-term budget: 20%
  • Team and advisors: 15%
  • Team vesting: 15 months with linear quarterly cliffs

Third parties plays a big part in DAV’s ability to succeed due to the slow growth & adoption of the autonomous vehicle industry.

I am not sure I fully understand the text “enables vehicles to discover, communicate, and transact with one another using DAV tokens.” DAV is a blockchain-based transportation protocol which enables a decentralized, peer to peer, global transportation network. Overall, DAV is a bold project with the ability to provide real innovation in the world of self-driving vehicles.

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Third-party investors can also earn by providing services to the network, especially ones that help counter any risks with autonomous vehicles.

Users can earn DAV by renting out their autonomous vehicle, a charger or docking bay for the device, or by providing support like insurance or repairs to the device. Google has also recently invested in an autonomous vehicle network, and may become a competitor in the future. The Etherisc team appears to be fairly large with lots of experienced people from a variety of industries.

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The DAV network would give consumers access to all autonomous self-driving vehicles via their hub; ships, land vehicles, aircraft, drones, and more.

DAV Network uses a peer-to-peer protocol based on Kademlia DHT to allow entities to discover each other. Only non-accredited US investors are mentioned as barred from participating in the token sale. This means the average person could have an entire network of self-driving vehicles at their fingertips to bring them anything, or to take them anywhere, with one token.

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It’s the type of project that could truly benefit from blockchain technology, however, there are a couple of external factors that must be considered before investing.

Missing real blockchain experience in the team. All token sale details also need to be made available in one place, and the team should explain clearly their reasoning behind the token allocation model they have chosen. 16-Apr: We skipped Dav Network 27-Apr: Ivan: Dav Network is a greedy project.

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Investors will grow the network’s infrastructure, and in return, will earn back their investment by supporting autonomous vehicles as a whole.

These savings could potentially benefit both insurance buyers and token holders. The team has all the skills necessary to create its announced product, and its impressive list of advisors confirms that it has many connections. An entity can be a passenger, an autonomous car, a passenger drone, a charging station, or any other unit that may want to participate in the network. Despite this, we do have some concerns regarding the team’s preparedness for the ICO (or “Token Generating Event” – TGE – as Etherisc calls it). 2017 2018 2019 Github Activity DAV Coin will be a utility token, used to pay for services or reward for providing a service. Secondly, we are critical of the team’s decision to only make 30% of tokens available to the public through the ICO. ICO Advisor | Blockchain Consultant |Marketing Professional | Digital StrategistRated on Apr 26, 2018 4%weight Strong team of advisors and people from automotive industry. It also comes with a built-in smart mission contract that allows trustless cooperation between service providers and a number of vehicles.