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Keep Network wants to provide the public blockchain with a private repository, allowing smart contracts enjoy the benefits of the blockchain tech without compromising on privacy.

At the same time, complete data privacy is preserved, and security at the blockchain storage level is also ensured. In Attention Network, ad policy is democratic, flexible and enforced by smart contract: it is about agreements, not dictatorships. Keep Network CEO and founder Matt Luongo launched the Fold project 4 years ago. In addition, according to unconfirmed reports, the Keep Network team is developing two Dfinity forks. First out is Kyber Network – a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies – and the first ICO we featured, back in fall 2017.

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  • Strong use case(s).
  • Unlike their competitors’, Keep Network’s proposed solution has no major side effects.
  • Significant target market.

Contracts will be able to access the stored private data when necessary and it can be bought, sold, and transferred on the public blockchain.

Our Keep Network ICO review shows that it is a promising systemic blockchain project. 1 – Dimensions Network’s trading engine is scripted in Erlang, a programming language, providing maximum scalability and nonstop availability. Corbin Pon – Fold’s co-founder and the chief developer is also leading Keep Network project together with Matt. The project lead for Keep Network is Matt Luongo. of the public blockchain, and at the same time, the contracts keep their data completely private and off the blockchain.

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Keep Network ( is a solution that allows you to move part of transactions, as well as user-stored data outside the blockchain.

Why is network volume important for the KNC token? Although the Kyber Network transaction volume is increasing, it’s still only a fraction of some other decentralized exchanges. This container, called keep, will operate away from the public blockchain while interacting with smart contracts on-chain. What exactly has attracted the attention of the Keep Network crypto community and what is the global blockchain solution that the project team offers? This allows the benefits of a public blockchain to be utilized while private data is securely encrypted and stored within keeps using secure multi-party computation or sMPC.

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CEO Loi Luu meeting with the Kyber Network global team As to be expected the post-ICO period for Kyber Network was overall challenging.

The trading engine may therefore competition from these newly funded projects, for example; Jibrel Network, Asteroid. The Kyber Network Tracker shows the volume that goes through Kyber’s exchange. While Dimensions Network is yet to come up with its trading platform, the concept of a hybrid solution sounds impressive and interesting. With time, however, it became apparent that a public blockchain can never really be completely private. If Keep Network only works with Ethereum, that is a market segment worth over $68 billion (as at March 12, 2018).

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Now, to what extent are people actually using Kyber Network to exchange cryptoassets?

1 – Users will also be able to access the Dimensions Network platform over their web browser, mobile device, and API (REST API and JSON data feeds). Antonio Salazar Cardozo is Keep Network’s Tech Lead and he has over 10 years’ experience as a software engineer/developer. By creating a bridge between the public blockchain and private data, contracts can harness the full power of blockchain technology, without compromising on reliability or transparency. He is currently the CEO of a company called Fold – where many other Keep Network team members work. First, there is a clear link between Keep Network and Dfinity, another systemic blockchain project.

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The technology will have a deep effect on blockchain tech, but until a test network or the network itself is launched, it is nothing but conjecture.

They provide an exchange interface, payment APIs and smart contracts that allow anyone to seamlessly receive payments from any token. To solve this mismatch between the transparency of public blockchains, and the need of many autonomous smart contracts for private data, we introduce the keep. Dimensions Network has taken advantage of its industry knowledge and customer base to create a real-time transactional currency. It expects a great interest for these new derivatives network which provides its users cryptographically protected derivative trading. In order to do things like verify identities or only sharing private information after certain steps can be impossible on a public blockchain This is where Keep Network comes in. Notably, Kyber Network was the last ICO that Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin advised, which added to the massive attention Kyber Network received. The details about the upcoming token sale terms, token distribution and the recent private sale will come in due time.