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Tokens of the project (PHOTON tokens) will be used for the following purposes: The revenue model of the platform is not described.

To address the scalability issue – The Lightstreams protocol is using Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm which we will touch on in a moment. Lightstream is banking on privacy and permissions as a key identifiable feature for developers of decntralized applications (dApps). We have individuals with strong start-up background, serial Founders of projects, serial CEOs, experienced blockchain and ICO advisors. A Decentralised Application (DApp) is an application that runs on a peer-to-peer network. ICO Adviser, Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur in Blockchain and Online ProjectsRated on May 6, 2018 2%weight This rating’s weight is reduced by 50% as there is no review added.

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  • Paying for transaction fees
  • Purchasing digital content
  • Participating in Network Governance and confirming transaction (by contributing capital).

Lightstreams key differential is it solves the problem of blockchain data storage when sharing content between users.

The founders of the project say that the blockchain technology is faced with such problems as the management of data and their privacy. However, the team suspended the development and waited until one year later to conduct an ICO to continue the project. This gives an order of magnitude increase in throughput over using the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm currently used in the Ethereum network. The Lightstreams network consists of an independent Ethereum-compatible blockchain. Developers and entrepreneurs can download the application and download a local copy of the blockchain today.

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They’re aiming to solve the problems of data storage and management by using a permissioned decentralized storage system.

They assume an exponential growth of the Dapps market that will be interested in using the LightStreams network. Storing data on BC is expensive, slow and all data is public to everyone therefore Lightstreams focuses on the privacy, confidentiality and scalability for DApps. Can definitely solve a lot of the current blockchain issues. All the very best to the team 1 person agree ICO Analyst|Content Writer|Trader| CFA Charterholder|ConsultantRated on May 8, 2018 15%weight This project looks great. Lightstreams is built using a modified version of the Ethereum blockchain and retains compatibility with the existing ecosystem of Ethereum developer tools and libraries.

Buy Lightstreams ICO Whitelist

Lightstreams is a blockchain network that will enable many new decentralised use cases.

The Lightstreams protocol for blockchain transactions is designed using a highly scalable Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm. Their approach differs from other permission controlled blockchain architectures in that it will be peer-to-peer. The project has a relatively low hard cap for a blockchain protocol project and has generated high market awareness. The LightStreams project uses Permissioned Blocks technology, which gives Dapps developers the following benefits: Competitive advantages are formulated quite clearly. Content Sharing Build social media DApps where users keep their own data.

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LightStreams offers a solution to this problem: unlimited storage space, reduce storage costs, fast transaction speed, privacy and data management.

Applications built on top of the Lightstreams network may wish to integrate their own token using an ERC20 contract or similar. The project is aimed at developers and companies developing Dapps for various industries (social networks, content publishing, decentralized elections, data exchange, etc.). The founders of the project are focused on the rapidly emerging market of decentralized applications. 10%weight Lightstreams is a blockchain for Dapp speed and privacy. Using a system of staking tokens, network participants will be able submit proposals to amend the network protocol.

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LightStreams is a modification of the Ethereum Protocol and is compatible with the application development tools provided by the Ethereum platform.

But there are only 6 people in the team, this may not be enough for the effective project implementation. Lightstreams solves both transaction speeds and data transmission by utilising a fast consensus mechanism and a peer-to-peer file sharing respectively. Their mainnet is to be released in Q4 – so if they decide to use their own native token it might take some time before you receive your tokens. The Lightstreams protocol for peer-to-peer sharing of content dynamically scales to match the load as demand increases. Tokenised Markets Create your own DApps for selling digital content. The team is strong with a good and adequate background in the blockchain ecospace. DApps break the traditional model of centralised servers that can act as intermediaries to control data flow between users of a system.