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It incentivizes merchant adoption with ‘reverse transaction fees,’ meaning that OWL tokens are paid to approved merchants plus has no chargebacks.

Minerva is a platform designed to incentivize the adoption of its OWL token with a new and disruptive economic model. One blockchain startup, Minerva, named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, sees this as an opportunity. Minerva is brought to you by Minerva Technologies S.a.r.l., a Luxembourg based blockchain technology company comprised of team members and advisors from around the world. 11/19/17 Minerva is a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its primary token is Minerva OWL.

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We pay transaction fees to approved businesses integrated within the Minerva economy, we don’t charge them.

When the OWL price is decreasing, Minerva will incentivize users to temporarily take OWL tokens out of circulation. Minerva is a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. While Minerva has a great concept (reverse transaction fees coupled with price stability mechanisms), it looks as if the execution leaves a lot to be desired. It is quite clear that Minerva’s strategy focuses on onboarding merchants first, on the assumption that users will naturally follow.

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Minerva is the world’s first reverse merchant processor.

Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | MentorRated on Mar 20, 2018 7%weight This rating’s weight is reduced by 50% as there is no review added. Its goal is to get merchants to adopt its payment platform and token (the OWL token) through reverse transaction fees and price stability mechanisms. If this happens, it will affect Minerva’s public perception which might, in turn, affect the chances of merchants applying for its platform. At the time of this writing, the dates for Minerva’s token sale remain up in the air.

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Strengths Weaknesses The Minerva ICO is one of a large number of competitors within the crypto-retail space that is seeking to crack the crypto mass adoption nut.

In the fast-paced world of blockchain startups and ICOs, Minerva is moving very slow, far too slow for its own good. In a nutshell, Minerva (read its whitepaper here) is a cryptocurrency payment provider, using a smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, Minerva will levy a micro-tax on each transaction between consumer and retailer which will serve to replenish the reserve pool. Hence only the first four points are actual incentives for a merchant to switch to the Minerva platform.

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If you have any concerns about the nature, propriety or legality of this token sale or the persons involved in it please contact [email protected] with detailed information about your concerns.

What are your thoughts on Minerva? Minerva’s blog barely has any content. Tier 1 Advanced Internal Security Audit, Bug Bounty Program (Tier 1), Advanced Simulations and Modifications, MVP (Minerva Volatility Protocol) Beta, Exchange Integration Communications. The aim of Minerva is to address mainstream cryptocurrency adoption issues and provide partnered businesses with incentivized payment solutions.

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Needless to say, this would be a big negative for Minerva.

Minerva is a platform and the OWL token is its currency. Minerva has broken its development roadmap into seven tiers, from Tier 0 to Tier 6. Firstly, an initial reserve of tokens is held back from public circulation in the early life-cycle of the Minerva economy. Token Sale Period isn’t set. It doesn’t have any concrete timeline for achieving its roadmap or any hard dates for its token sale. ICO Token Price: 0.00 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO