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The first project to come out of the incubator will be Dache Chain, a new service based on the blockchain technology.

“An important feature of EtherDelta is that placing an order doesn’t involve an Ethereum transaction. Summary: Based on the available data, it can be concluded that the project has gained interest. It is blockchain based asset tokenization platform. Summary: The main difference from competitors in the field of banking is the presence of an additional source of income - IDEX, as well as the use of Boreal currency.

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This low-fee structure and transparent business model has allowed EtherDelta to grow rapidly over the past few years, as shown by the increase in its daily transaction volume.

Q3 2018 - deployment of the subsidiary architecture, which allows IDEX to increase the bandwidth of transactions. Strengths of the project: - the need for loans is constantly increasing, allowing the project to occupy a niche in the market. Although Ethereum’s smart contract network has first […] Traffic analysis of the AURORA (IDEX) website based on data showed the following - Traffic source: Comments: 52.46% - direct link, 41.34% - referrals, 3.22% - search.

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  • The IDEX exchange, will be used as an additional source of income for the bank (except for the exchange of crypto assets).

Although Ethereum’s smart contract network has first market advantage, many who adopted it stumbled developing in its Solidity language. — Ella Zhang (@ellazhang516) June 1, 2018 The exchange’s plans include the launch of a Binance Ecosystem Fund, which is expected to have at least 20 partners. Binance states that the exchange has also invested in a startup called Oasis Labs, dedicated to smart contracts. The fund is offered by Binance, the world’s largest exchange for cryptocurrencies, and will be paid in the exchange’s own BNB coin.

Buy Oasis Labs ICO Whitelist

  • Q2 2018 - Boreal goes live, with market making to stabilize the price.

The anticipated success of Sharding, Plasma and ZK-SNARKs integration, as well as improvements to the consensus protocol of Ethereum, will facilitate the commercial success of decentralized applications in upcoming years. Aurora is planning to provide an advanced, open and stable financial network based on its own Boreal currency, accessible to anyone regardless of geographic location or status. However, it should be noted that the currently working IDEX exchange is gradually gaining popularity (+120 000 people for the last month). It’s the great event when people who are deeply involved in the blockchain industry can establish close levels of contact.

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According to the CoinMarketCap, Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world, and their daily crypto trades often exceed $5 billion.

Fred Ehrsam, the co-founder of Coinbase and former Goldman Sachs trader, revealed in a research paper that EtherDelta currently handles 2 percent of the trading volume of centralized exchanges. The semi-decentralized architecture consists of Ethereum smart contracts plus a central trading engine and transaction arbiter. - the roadmap does not provide information on when the crypto bank will be ready for operation, but it is a key component of the project according to the white paper. The website also provides information about the project, staging a public ICO, describing the components of the system, frequently asked questions and the team.

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Roadmap of the project Q2 2018 - stabilization of Boreal price.

This completes the transition of the current IDEX product to a decentralized subsidiary chain exchange. By processing the transfer of assets, crypto-tokens and cryptocurrencies on a platform that leverages the security of a public blockchain network like Ethereum, this can very well be achieved. The Stratis blockchain’s C# smart contract alpha launch in May 2018 will eventually make it an easier sell than Ethereum for interested enterprises. - Boreal – the network’s own price-stable decentralized cryptocurrency, built on Ethereum.