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OneLedger technical description is detailed but prototype is not available yet: on the other hand the team promises to demonstrate it before the tokensale.

OneLedger also provides a scalable off-chain solution from any main chain and offloads the consensus to the corresponding OneLedger sidechain which inherits all of the properties of the OneLedger protocol. Possible use cases of OneLedger include but are not limited to: We draw attention to the fact that project’s whitepaper is not comprehensive enough. Well, one ledger is a business blockchain protocol which is the one of its kind project. OneLedger wants to make it easier for SMEs to conduct their businesses on the blockchain without the need for blockchain development experience. SDK OneLedger will allow users to create a “master-smart contract”, which defines a smart contract written in each chosen language.

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  • 60% - R&D
  • 20% - operations
  • 15% - marketing
  • 5% - legal

It plans to develop a business portal or service-side interface for all blockchain users with different levels of experience to create workflows and map their business modules on the blockchain.

The service-side programming interface is a business portal for users to easily build business models and functions in order to project real world functions onto the blockchain. Also, any public distributed ledger, regardless of its consensus protocol, supporting hashed time lock contracts and payment channels can be synchronized with a corresponding OneLedger side-chain. In 2017, after predicting a mega-trend for financial securities migrating to the blockchain, Trevor co-founded Polymath - the world’s largest securities token network. Roadmap Oneledger plans to launch MVP and Ethereum sidechain testnet in Q2, bitcoin sidechain, platform alpha and APIs by the end of 2018 . When the platform matures, there will be 3 types of users of OLT token: users, network supporters (nodes) and developers (as per the whitepaper): 1.

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OneLedger ICO Team The CEO and founder of OneLedger is David Cao.

The business portal allows users with little or no blockchain experience to create their business module on the Blockchain. It enables the user to use the OneLedger business portal to create business applications. The protocol of OneLedger supports the authentication of public keys of wallets. According to the above pluses and minuses, we can say that oneledger, a very promising project with interesting ideas and a very good team. Blockchain Services The OneLedger protocol enables anyone to launch a side-chain to run on OneLedger.

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The Extendable OneLedger API will help transform business models into blockchain applications through modularity.

Chaincode services Another function that the OneLedger protocol aims to provide is running dAPPs on multiple platforms. Developers need OLT tokens to deploy their modules to OneLedger platform. [Main problems tackled]: OneLedger’s mission is to simplify businesses’ adoption of blockchain technology and its integration into their specific business applications and products. The OneLedger token will constitute the currency of the network and will be stored in highly customizable OneLedger digital wallets. The team is also more senior than many other blockchain projects, which in our view is better than having a team of only young people with no prior work experience.

Buy OneLedger ICO Whitelist

Through OneLedger, both businesses and individuals can leverage the platform to create both public and private blockchains with their own uniquely-identified network consensus.

[Innovation]: OneLedger Architecture - This decentralized framework changes the basis upon how applications are built by ultimately unifying and realizing the real world into its blockchain parallel. The OneLedger network can be best described using the following diagram from the whitepaper: Oneledger Business Center. The OneLedger team is led by Founder & CEO, David Cao. Business Portal : OneLedger provides tools on its business portal to simplify the integration of the blockbuster. OneLedger Business Initialization — here you define a contract with the indication of roles and their behavior in the business.

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At the same time, synchronization of the protocol engine of OneLedger with Ethereum side chain will be carried out.

Edwin has a vast technical background both as a blockchain developer with Solidity and Ethereum smart contract development experience, and as a software developer. They can submit modules and code to OneLedger Marketplace with a smart contract that defines the terms of sale. 2) OneLedger Consensus Protocol - Business Logic will use a configurable role-based consensus methodology leveraging hierarchical grouping similar to the Merkle Tree. The OneLedger protocol also supports consensus across different blockchains, and is highly scalable. 2) Blockchain Services - Anyone can launch a side-chain to run on the OneLedger consensus protocol. The OneLedger protocol aims to unite separate blockchain networks, sidechains and external networks into one transparent, protected and distributed network.