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Each registered member would have access to a virtual office (backend) on the website specifically designed for token purchase process.

The platform can offer advice to business users in the decision and legal process of the lease according to the legislation that applies to the property. The main Urbit solutions can be summarized as follows: * Improve the access to international properties around the globe, all in the same platform. Evaluation of a real estate asset requires in-depth market information which only market players have. Through the use of Urbit’s Native Token, fractional ownership is now possible.

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The whole real estate market will greatly benefit from this due to the improvement in transparency and efficiency.

The Urbit tools will have documentation of the legal processes of the countries in which it is implemented. Urbit is backed by a strong experienced team of experts in the real estate market and in blockchain technology. A similar platform was bought by Spanish Bank BBVA for $10 Million (and this platform did not have blockchain technology nor Global Big Data). Urbit’s mission is to create efficiency in the real estate market.

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It is our vision and will to work towards a transparent and efficient real estate market, accessible by everyone, everywhere and at any time.

The first goal is to create transparency and efficiency in a very opaque, inefficient market. During the ICO, Bitcoins, Ethereum and Wire Transfer will be accepted as payment for the purchase of Urbit tokens. It will now be possible for everyone all over the world to participate in the real estate industry. Urbit Value analysis tools so that both parties can reach an agreement related to the lease price, the conditions of it.

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Urbit Data is considered to be a direct threat to AirBNB.

The company envisions these potential changes and benefits in the real estate market after the introduction of a blockchain. Urbit can offer advantages that would help transform this industry. Worldwide real estate assets comprise nearly 60% of the value of all global assets, including equities, bonds and gold. the company “aim is to solve the problems facing international real estate transactions by creating a unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry.

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  • Increase in speed, efficiency and reliability using the Urbit software, avoiding the unnecessary generation of documentation.

It was only a matter of time before the blockchain revolution would reach the real estate industry. Urbit’s mission is to create transparency and efficiency in the real estate market. * Users receive rewards using this software that feeds the urbit big data. Madrid, Spain, May 15, 2018, The real estate industry has been moving along the same tired way as it has for many decades.

Buy Urbit ICO Whitelist

One of the biggest problems is the amount of real estate information, shown in many scattered online platforms.

Urbit will create its own Web browser bifurcated by the code of Ethereum, in addition to subcontracting security measures to the platform. To create transparency, adding valuable information to the ecosystem is awarded economically with Urbit coins. And the third, and a more long-term goal is to offer an alternative way to do transactions in the real estate market. There are 3 projects similar to Urbit, but with some obvious differences that can been detected analyzing these projects. It is platform vision and will to work towards a transparent and efficient real estate market, accessible by everyone, everywhere and at any time. Urbit has three long-term goals. At the same time, this market lacks both transparency and efficiency, especially compared to publicly traded equities and debt securities. As of today, Urbit has already a product which offers ad-hoc evaluation of any real estate object in the Spanish market.